Friday, January 28, 2011

It's All Starting to Feel Real!

There are exactly 23 days until the official launch of my Papercraft Blog and the official re-launch of a more structured Magick Mirror.  I am getting things done - slowly but surely, and as of today I looked at my blogs and at my list of things yet "to do," and discovered to my surprise, that I'm almost there!!!  My dream concept is about to become reality; and I can't wait to share!

So here's where I'm at - the Papercraft Blog is coming along.  The skeletal structure is in place, I'm figuring out wordpress as I go, and I have officially begun working on content.  Yay Luhnna!!! 

As for Magick Mirror - I wanted to get more structured.  I felt like I was in danger of spreading myself too thin and didn't want to find myself in a position of neglecting this blog to meet deadlines for other projects.  So, I have a plan.  I am officially committing myself to 3 posts a week - that's a lot for a busy work-at-home Mom, so after much sulking, I've decided to be good with that. 

Mondays and Fridays I will post real articles on Magick Mirror - the reflective, contemplative articles you have come to love and expect from me.  On Wednesdays, I've decided to mix it up a bit.  I LOVE the idea of Wordless Wednesdays, so I'm going to include it here on Magick Mirror - with a twist of course.  All of the imagery I include here will be related to my understanding of the craeft, and although my posts will be wordless I am hoping you all will have much to say. 

Finally, you will still be able to find my bi-weekly, Wednesday, articles on The Pagan Household and I will continue to keep some time open for occasional guest posts.  What do you think?  Any thoughts?

Namaste and Blessed Be,



  1. I think that sounds like more than enough! I'm considering something similar as well. Can't wait to see your papercraft blog up and running, I'm excited to see it!

  2. Thanks Stacy. I can't wait to share it! :D