Friday, January 28, 2011

Inspired by Life

I am so excited for Stacy Evans, author of Inspired by Life Blog and Hearth and Home Columnist on The Pagan Household.  Her followers count hit 25 this week and today she is at 27, so she's decided to reward her followers with her very first giveaway!  Yup - 4 great gifts: a pentacle tote bag, a Celtic charm key chain, a beautiful Josephine Wall journal, and a $20 e-gift certificate for Dragon Moon Gifts.  I actually have the very same journal and use it as a Dream Journal.  It's good size, high quality and absolutely beautiful.  I love mine.

If you are not familiar with Stacy, she's a young pagan Mommy, writes for the blogs I mentioned above and even has her own etsy store - impressive for someone with such a little munchkin at home.  I'm impressed with all she is taking on and I hope y'all will take a look at her sites, read her posts and be sure to enter her giveaway.  You can also find her on facebook and twitter.

Personally, I find her success inspiring.  I have only been online for a few months and have met so many great people.  Stacy stands out as one of those great, helpful, encouraging souls - she puts herself out there and is always available for others in need.  Most admirable is that she really seems to be doing what she does for herself, for her family and for others, not for money, not for acknowledgment, but because its just who she is and what she loves to do.  It's good to see someone so deserving actually achieving her dreams; and I hope that I will be able to do the same with the same, selfless, loving motives.



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