Thursday, December 16, 2010

Shoulda - Woulda - but not today...

So, I am supposed to be posting an article today on the lighting of ritual candles for the 13 days of Yule. Yesterday, I was supposed to create tutorial videos to upload for tonight's post with Yule's Eve craft recipes.  Instead, about this time yesterday, my youngest decided that her job (at least for the next few days), is to remind me that I am first and foremost, a Mom. 

Yup, my prissy little princess is sick - very sick.  She purrs when she breathes, has a nasty bark of a cough, and a very high fever.  She has been clingy, lethargic or otherwise whiny.  I spent most of my day yesterday tending to her (and her messes - she has peed her pants at least 5 times since the fever came on); and I have spent the rest of my time attempting to console her jealous brother, manage the household necessities and tend to the needs of my school age monkeys. It was a very long day.

I did finally get her to sleep last night around midnight, but she woke up in a complete panic, unable to catch her breath, at about 2:30 this morning and I have been up with her since. In fact, I am writing this now with her pathetically limp little body pressed against my arm. So sad.

Anyway - I am exhausted! Hubby has finals this week - Anatomy & Physiology and Russian Sports Massage. He aced his Russian exam last night, but A & P is tonight (a cumulative exam over material covered in three consecutive terms) - so needless to say, he is extremely busy cramming for exams and unavailable to help much with a sick munchkin.  Thankfully, however, he is hoping to break soon to allow me at least an hour nap to rest and reboot a little before he has to leave for class.  Luckily, tonight is his last final so he'll be available all day tomorrow to help me get back on track.

I do have an outline of what I want to say prepared, so technically, I could post an article now.  I could, and for another topic maybe, I would;  but my method of writing is fairly organic - I like to write as it comes to me and post it right then and there. The problem with that, is that I don't like to write about spiritual matters when ill or just not in the right frame of mind.  Being empathic, I am immediately aware of and affected by the energies of other writers when I read their works - when I write from such a space, I can feel the negative energy pouring into the text as I type and I am not okay with knowingly passing on that negativity to others.  So - the candle lighting article and craft tutorials will have to wait (at least until after I've napped), potentially until tomorrow evening when I've had a chance to recover from all this madness.  My princess does come first after all, and I have a feeling tonight may be equally as "eventful" as it was last night.

Wish me luck? And thanks again for reading - I hope to see you back here tomorrow...




  1. The posts can wait but those sweet babies can't. I'll certainly come back to visit tomorrow or whenever you have another post. Take care!

  2. Thank you Mina. Your understanding means a lot to me - as does your readership (wink-wink). <3

    I hope to be back on track and online soon. The drawback to having a family of 6, is that illnesses cycle through all of us, usually one or two at a time, and it can take a while to truly recover - Especially for this witchy-momma. I have to "get by," while nursing each of the others to health, before I can allow my own body a chance to crash and then heal. We're on number 2 of 5 now as my littlest man is sick now too. Fun - Fun - Fun. <3

    Thanks again... Hope to chat with you all soon.