Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What does it mean to be a Green Witch?

I read once that every Wiccan is a Witch, but not every Witch is a Wiccan.  It is my understanding that this is much like Christianity and Catholicism - every Catholic is a Christian, but not every Christian is a Catholic.  Under that thought, I can't say that I qualify as a Wiccan - but I am a Witch. I practice a tradition of witchcraft that is very similar to what Ann Moura describes as Green Witchcraft.

I should clarify, however, that just as the term Witchcraft encompasses many different traditions of the Old Religion, I believe Green Witchcraft too encompasses a wide variety of traditions. Just because one calls themselves a Wiccan, does not exclude them from also considering themselves a Green Witch - and the other way around.

The way I see it, Green Witchcraft is:
  • An Earth-Centered Spiritual Practice 
  • Based in Direct Communion with the God & Goddess (both separate and unified), the Elementals, Deva's and Other Folk of the Natural World
  • Characteristically Natural and Eclectic in Approach to Magick and Celebratory Ritual
  • Less Concerned with Formalities and Ritualistic Dogma, and
  • Very Concerned with the State of the Earth's Environment and the Well-Being of All Lifeforms Within Her
I have also noted that the average Green Witch tends to be Solitary or work in very small covens, generally consisting of family members - although this is absolutely not always the case.

Whether these observations are, in fact, historically accurate or not - they do make up some of the criterion on which I base my own tradition of Green Witchcraft - and a general description for the purposes of this blog.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this one.  What does it mean to be a Green Witch - to you?

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