Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine...

Last week, seven years ago, I came to Vegas to surprise my friend Shawna for her birthday. Her husband set me up at his brothers place for the night so we could keep my arrival a surprise until the party - and that's where I met him.  An incredible, beautiful soul - laid back and confident, and absolutely adoring.  We hit it off immediately - like we had known each other our entire lives; and when it was time to head out for the party, I hated to leave him behind.

A month or so later, on a whim, another friend and I decided to drop everything and fly to Vegas to see John Mayer in concert.  I couldn't stop thinking about him, so when Shawna mentioned that we should go out to eat at Memphis Championship BBQ (where he just so happened to be working at the time), I couldn't wait to get there!

That was that.  He came out with us that night, came up to Portland to visit me a few weeks later and from then on, I was ruined on other men - he was it for me.  We dated long distance for just under a year before we decided we were ready to make life together.  We moved in together in February/March of 2005, and with my two children at our sides, we were married on Yule, in a private ceremony - just us and my spirit-sister as witness.  Holder was born exactly 5 days later (the day after Christmas), and our lives would never be the same.

Today, we have added a Georgi, two cats and a big beast of a pooch to our family, but it's still us.  Circumstances have been rough and we haven't been on a date away from the kids in well over a year, but our bond is still strong and we are making things happen.  I love him more today than ever before, and I am looking forward to a lifetime of tomorrows by his side.

 I can only hope that all of you are as blessed as I am to have such an incredible partner to call your Valentine, and with that said,

"I love you Mr. Famulare - Happy Valentine's Day"

and to all of my readers on this special day,

Loves and Blessings,



  1. That's so sweet. It almost made me cry a little bit! That may just be hormones talking, though. Love it! Love that picture of him sleeping with the kids...looks like you have a great man there!

  2. Aren't hormones fun? Hahaha. Thanks - and yes, I'm a lucky girl. He really is the only God for this Goddess.

    I just read your article today - inspiring, as usual. Looks like you too are one of the lucky ones. <3

  3. What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing your heartfelt memories. You all make such a beautiful family!

    Happy belated Valentine's Day.